Project highlights

VUENOW has an ambitious concept to integrate Entertainment, E-commerce and IT, all three fastest growing industries in the country, under a single platform of growth.

  • VUENOW has introduced the Interactive Advertising Campaign – a game changing innovation to the TRP system giving a better viewership picture, benefiting broadcasters and advertisers with hard data.
  • VUENOW introduces its revolutionary, innovative advertising campaign application “DT Home”. This app empowers loyal Viewers to tell producers, broadcasters and advertisers what you would like to see.
  • This is the core of My Own TRP, and our vision to provide the best entertainment to our associates.
  • Using inaudible In-Band Signalling and Mobile phone app technology, we developed the revolutionary app that allows interaction between viewers and content
  • Our group companies have developed the technology that powers our innovative app.

VUENOW has made innovative use of technology to enable viewers to interact live with television content, and to enable content owners to measure viewer preference

  • ‘VUENOW’ will recalibrate the E-commerce system by redrawing the customer experience.
  • A hybrid model: mix of online shopping and offline Brand Showrooms.
  • Consumers get a chance to feel the actual product before deciding to buy online.
  • VUENOW is poised to take advantage of the seamless integration and efficiencies of combining viewers and consumers into associates

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