1.1 Television – TRP- correlation

Television advertisement is heavily dependent upon audience measurement methodologies for allocating marketing budgets. The AC Nielsen backed TAM and BARC depend upon a few thousand meters for data that is then used to identify viewing preferences for 153 million households. This leads to lopsided results favouring a few larger television networks.

1.2 Revolutionary TV Viewership Measurement Method

The Company introduces a game changing television viewership measurement method, based on smartphone app but also featuring website and toll free number interactions. We can generate real time data, with sample sizes that are larger by multiples than the currently deployed systems, with addressable and multi SEC respondents. This new measurement system will generate far more accurate data, as well as enable live viewer experience monitoring. This represents a unique opportunity for content producers, broadcasters and advertisers, one which the company will monetize diligently.

The Company’s revolutionary, innovative advertising campaign app will be the basis of this viewership measurement method. This app will empower subscribers to tell producers, broadcasters and advertisers what they would like to see.

All respondents will be paid subscribers of our “Interactive Ad Campaign”.

1.3 Interactive Ad Campaign (IAC)

IAC is an interactive proposition which allows associates to earn and get rewarded both financially and in kind, every day for the next 3 years. Rewriting the rules, ‘IAC’ uses technology to integrate different systems in our revolutionary app, allowing associates to earn rewards while watching television on a daily basis. The concept works on the principle of ‘view and get rewarded’. The more you watch television, the more rewards you get. You also get referral rewards for referring new users. This is pretty simple, basically one has to do what they have been already doing, that is to watch television.

2 E-commerce – new sunrise sector

The terms ‘Volume Business’ and ‘Business by Volumes’ have been made household terms thanks to the emergence of E-commerce sector. What started as an experiment, has become a phenomenon, taking the world by storm. Still in its nascent stages, it has a potential of more than 100 thousand Crores and still growing. The fact of the matter is that all this has been achieved with just 28 percent of market penetration in terms of internet connectivity and just 4 percent of transactions. The numbers indicate a huge and untapped market potential and which translates into big business opportunity.

2.1 E-commerce- challenges

The present e-commerce system has its own challenges. While the number of transactions happening on these e-commerce sites is increasing on the daily basis, so is the fear in the minds on consumers. One can read stories of individuals getting tricked or conned by shipping of defective pieces or broken pieces. The other problem which is encountered by buyers is the mismatch in the product displayed and product received. Even the other important stakeholder that is the ‘seller’ is disturbed by the frequent recall or return policy.

2.2 VUENOW New E-Commerce

The Company plans to recalibrate the E-commerce system by redrawing the customer experience. The Company proposes a series of initiatives including a mix of online and offline showrooms and a hybrid model where a consumer gets a chance to feel actual product before deciding to buy. 

3 Integrating IAC with New E-Commerce

The Company proposes to engage the associates of our IAC, turning them into loyal consumers. The sustainable ecosystem, developed keeping customer engagement and comfort in mind, would also help small and medium establishments to sell well, without any discomfort.

4 General Entertainment Television Channel

The Television industry is growing at more than 17% every year, and television reaches almost 70% of India’s population. Entertainment channels are a platform for movies and original content, and the Company plans to lease the rights to broadcast Hindi movies (and other language movies dubbed in Hindi) from owners, and also promote its own online retail portal on this channel.

4.1 Large Format Entertainment Events

Large Format Entertainment Events are increasingly becoming popular. The one evening concert by ColdPlay in Mumbai held in November 2016 attracted an audience of over 85,000 and the four day event by Sunburn in Pune attracted an average attendance of 50,000 per day. The Company will organize one evening large format events, with a target crowd of 20,000 per event. The events will feature popular music as well as local language content. The revenue mix is targeted to be 60% sponsorship and 40% ticket sales. These events will be used as a key platform to advertising and promoting the new concept while engaging the consumers at literally no additional cost for marketing.

5 Win- Win – strengthening Economy

What good is the system if it does not help you to realize your potential or achieve anything else? Is it possible for a system to share some of the commercial benefits associated with television with viewers, who are also consumers, as well?

The Company makes it possible with a system, which plans to empower you as an individual and also turn the idiot box fondly called as television into a medium to earn.

Associates become part of our ‘IAC’ program and earn rewards on daily basis. On registration, associates will get a welcome kit with free benefits and a smart card. The smart card will be used as single authentication for all of interactions as well as reward points management on our website. Associates can use these rewards on our E-commerce platform for a hassle free shopping experience. Associates will also get limited free and discounted invitations to our exciting world class events, held every month, featuring celebrities and popular artists, and yearly award functions. So, with ‘IAC’ earn while entertaining. VUENOW is poised to take advantage of the seamless integration and efficiencies of combining viewers and consumers into associates

Associateship Benefits – In totality each household can save more than Rs. 20000 per year while watching T.V, which they are already doing, hence no need for additional hard work or going out in the sun and work to get rewarded for the associates.

  • DTH/ Cable for 7 years ( Depends upon type of Subscription)
  • Complete record for HH Expenditure with BIG savings
  • Cash Back through e-wallets and online Bank Account (White Lable Service)
  • Event Invitations
  • TV Advertisement on VUENOW Entertainment
  • Extra discount on our partner ecommerce portals
  • eWallet linked interaction benefits
  • Discount Vouchers
  • Group buying discounts
  • Special offers for associates

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