E-commerce is the new shining star in the Indian industry. Although internet penetration is merely 28% and with simply 4% online shoppers. This sector has a tremendous growth potential, and increasing internet penetration is going to boost the growth. E-commerce in India is estimated to be at Rs 2,11,005 crore. In addition entertainment industry is growing at a stellar rate of 17% year on year basis. Television advertising is projected to grow from Rs. 20,100 Cr. in 2016 to 39,400 Cr in 2021. Hence these two industries combined have great potential and sums over 230,000 crores in coming years. VUENOW group is introducing the Interactive Advertising Campaign – a game changing innovation to the TRP system giving a better viewership picture, benefiting broadcasters and advertisers with hard data. Its revolutionary, innovative advertising campaign app “ROAR NOW” empowers Loyal Viewers to tell producers, broadcasters and advertisers what they would like to see.

This new advertising and e-commerce matrix when combined with retail industry, which again has been thriving high for few years in Indian economy will benchmark the industry standards and mark new milestones in the economy. VUENOW group has been active in trading industry however the core and the heart of the team has been completely involved in the new project which is very close to the key stakeholders of the organisation. This project will open new opportunities by expanding the current diversified team and comprehending the true potential of all the associates in the management team. The core team is diverse and international in all aspects and will be instrumental for the success of the project. The project is not only financially viable but will also procure good revenues and profits. In addition it will provide stable employment to both urban and more importantly rural areas. The project will ensure long term goals of VUENOW group i.e. to empower Indian population by providing employment and other social activities.


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